Simple SOAP File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Base64Encoder.cpp [code]
Base64Encoder.h [code]
ConnectableSocket.cpp [code]
ConnectableSocket.h [code]
DynamicLibrary.cpp [code]
DynamicLibrary.h [code]
Host.cpp [code]
Host.h [code]
IpAddress.cpp [code]
IpAddress.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
networkApp.h [code]
NetworkEx.cpp [code]
NetworkEx.h [code]
SimpleSoap.h [code]
singleton.h [code]
SOAPAttribute.cpp [code]
SOAPAttribute.h [code]
SOAPDispatcher.cpp [code]
SOAPDispatcher.h [code]
SOAPElement.cpp [code]
SOAPElement.h [code]
SOAPEncoder.cpp [code]
SOAPEncoder.h [code]
SOAPFault.cpp [code]
SOAPFault.h [code]
SOAPMethod.cpp [code]
SOAPMethod.h [code]
SOAPObject.cpp [code]
SOAPObject.h [code]
SOAPObjectCreator.cpp [code]
SOAPObjectCreator.h [code]
SOAPonHTTP.cpp [code]
SOAPonHTTP.h [code]
SOAPonProtocol.cpp [code]
SOAPonProtocol.h [code]
SOAPParser.cpp [code]
SOAPParser.h [code]
SOAPSender.cpp [code]
SOAPSender.h [code]
Socket.cpp [code]
Socket.h [code]
SocketAddress.cpp [code]
SocketAddress.h [code]
SocketIncludes.h [code]
SocketServer.cpp [code]
SystemCall.h [code]
TcpConnectionServer.cpp [code]
TcpConnectionServer.h [code]
TcpSocket.cpp [code]
TcpSocket.h [code]
TestClient.cpp [code]
TestClient.h [code]
TestClientMain.cpp [code]
TestSOAP.cpp [code]
TestSOAP.h [code]
TSOAPObjectCreator.h [code]

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