TestClient.cpp File Reference

#include "TestClient.h"
#include "SOAPEncoder.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include "SOAPMethod.h"
#include "SOAPonHTTP.h"
#include "SOAPParser.h"
#include "SOAPElement.h"

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struct  TestSOAPClient::SOAPMethodTable
class  TestSOAPClient::SOAPMethodTable::CGenric


char * ServerObject
const bool g_KbDebugging = true

Variable Documentation

const bool g_KbDebugging = true

Definition at line 46 of file TestClient.cpp.

char* ServerObject

Main.cpp For Simple SOAP test Client

This is the Client driver program for the Simple SOAP Test Client. This client allows you to test compatablility of a Simple SOAP Client with the any SOAP Server. This Client assumes the test server is running on the same machine with port 8080 as the server port.

It reads through a list of file in the file given on the command line and sends the XML in A SOAP envelope to the server, printing out the entire RPC on the stdout. It then waits for the server's response prints that and proceeds to the next file.

This Program requires the Simple SOAP server Library from Scott Seeley and the Simple Soap TCP Server from Jasen Plietz

Definition at line 47 of file TestClientMain.cpp.

Referenced by TestSOAPClient::SOAPMethodTable::CGenric::Generic(), and networkAppMain().

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