SOAPonHTTP Class Reference

#include <SOAPonHTTP.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SOAPonHTTP ()
virtual bool getMethodDetails (const std::string &KszMessage, std::string &szObjectName, std::string &szMethodName, SOAPElement &theCall)
void setHostAndPort (std::string szHost, long nPort=80)
virtual std::string getSendableResponse (const std::string &szSOAPMessage, bool bIsFault=false)
virtual std::string send (const std::string &szClassName, SOAPMethod &aMethod)

Protected Member Functions

virtual std::string getSendableMessage (const std::string &szSOAPMessage, const std::string &szClassName, const std::string &szMethodName)

Private Attributes

SocketAddress m_socketAddress

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file SOAPonHTTP.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Definition at line 72 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

SOAPonHTTP::~SOAPonHTTP  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 77 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool SOAPonHTTP::getMethodDetails const std::string &  KszMessage,
std::string &  szObjectName,
std::string &  szMethodName,
SOAPElement theCall

Implements SOAPonProtocol.

Definition at line 112 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

References SOAPElement::accessorName(), SOAPElement::elementAt(), g_KszBody, g_KszPost, g_KszSOAP, SOAPElement::getElement(), and SOAPParser::parseMessage().

Referenced by processSocket().

std::string SOAPonHTTP::getSendableMessage const std::string &  szSOAPMessage,
const std::string &  szClassName,
const std::string &  szMethodName
[protected, virtual]

Definition at line 82 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

References g_KszContentLength, g_KszContentType, g_KszHTTPversion, g_KszPost, and g_KszSOAPAction.

Referenced by send().

std::string SOAPonHTTP::getSendableResponse const std::string &  szSOAPMessage,
bool  bIsFault = false

Implements SOAPonProtocol.

Definition at line 173 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

References g_KszContentType.

std::string SOAPonHTTP::send const std::string &  szClassName,
SOAPMethod aMethod

Implements SOAPonProtocol.

Definition at line 202 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

References Socket::close(), ConnectableSocket::connectTo(), SOAPEncoder::encodeMethodCall(), getSendableMessage(), m_socketAddress, SOAPMethod::methodName(), ConnectableSocket::read(), and ConnectableSocket::write().

Referenced by TestSOAPClient::SOAPMethodTable::CGenric::Generic().

void SOAPonHTTP::setHostAndPort std::string  szHost,
long  nPort = 80

Definition at line 103 of file SOAPonHTTP.cpp.

References m_socketAddress, SocketAddress::setIpAddress(), and SocketAddress::setPort().

Referenced by TestSOAPClient::SOAPMethodTable::CGenric::Generic().

Member Data Documentation

SocketAddress SOAPonHTTP::m_socketAddress [private]

Definition at line 115 of file SOAPonHTTP.h.

Referenced by send(), and setHostAndPort().

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